What matters to you.

We live in a time where science is evolving so quickly and one day something that was good for you yesterday is no longer something being recommended by experts. Here is where the beauty of UREAKA!™ Therapeutic Barrier Skin Cream comes into play. Not only is it unscented, to avoid any possible skin irritations, but it also does not contain harmful parabens and it's main active ingredient is soemthing that occurs naturally in the human body.

By using 10% urea in our formulation, the result of the final product is one that not only relieves dry, cracked hands, but it keeps on working to replenish the depletedmoisture in your skin. Dry elbows? No problem! Simply apply a small amount of UREAKA!™ Therapeutic Barrier Skin Cream and within days your elbows will be nourished and enriched with the natural occuring organic chemical compond that our bodies create every day.